Lion’s Fuel E3
Lion’s Fuel E3

Lion’s Fuel E3

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(Energy, Endurance, Explosiveness)

Scientifically design to improve: explosiveness, endurance and energy. 30 Servings. Tropical Fruit Flavor (Sugar Free – Zero Calories)

What is E3?
Regardless of your sport, ability, or age, E3 is the Ultimate Pre-Workout/Pre-Event Formula that when taken daily as directed is guaranteed to help:

  • Improve explosive power without making you gain weight.  (You can hit harder; swing a club, bat or racquet harder; punch harder; lift more weight).
  • Reduces fatigue – you can go longer and harder without  the burn. (Improves pH and prevents it from dropping)
  • Energize your mind and body.  Simply put, you feel great and ready to workout or perform to the best of your ability.

Who benefits from drinking E3?
Anyone at any level that wants to drastically improve their performance, including: crossfitters, golfers, major league sports players, NCAA athletes, drug tested athletes, marathon runners, cyclists, triathletes, swimmers, football players, baseball players, basketball players, soccer players, and ultimate fighters. E3 benefits any type of athlete or weekend warrior wanting to improve their performance and do their best.

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