EdenPURE7® Pet Health 3-Pack for Cats

EdenPURE7® Pet Health 3-Pack for Cats

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People across the nation are lining up in mass for these sensational new pet saving products. EdenPURE®, The World Leader in Innovative Products For The Home, has developed 3 major new products that will quickly and surely revitalize
your beloved older dog and older cat These products will provide them much
better health. They will relieve pain in your pets, including the arthritis pain in
older large dogs. Your pet will become more energetic, happier and their mental
focus will be much sharper.

The new legal EdenPURE7® Pet Health products are Certified Pharmaceutical
Grade Full Hemp Blend. It provides 7 times more wellness benefits than CBD oils and other hemp oils. It is Certified Pharmaceutical Grade you can get without a prescription.

EdenPURE7® Pet Health Certified Pharmaceutical Grade Full Spectrum Hemp Blend has none of the bad, mind altering substances of cannabis plants. It has all the good substances which nourish and revitalize your pet’s endocannabinoid
system which regulates everything in your pet’s body. It relieves pain and discomfort for your pet. It promotes wellness. Your pet will feel much better,
become much happier, and their body will function much better.

The EdenPURE7® Pet Health 3-Pack has the following: Product 1 is EdenPURE7® Pet Health Liquid Drops. You simply add it to your pet’s water and food. It is great tasting so your pets will love it. It will provide your pet with all the health benefits of the Hemp Blend. Product 2 is the EdenPURE7® Pet Health Coat Spray. You simply spray it on your pet’s coat or open areas of skin. It will greatly improve the health of their coat and skin. It will relieve skin irritations and scratching. Product 3 is the EdenPURE7® Pet Health Tasty Treats. Your pets will love these Tasty Treats and they will provide them with all the health benefits of the Hemp Blend. There is a treat for dogs and a treat for cats.

The EdenPURE7® Pet Health 3-Pack has the following: 1.) Liquid Drops (30 ml), 2.) Coat Spray (60 ml), and 3.) Tasty Treats (3.1 oz.). The liquid and the spray are suitable for both dogs and cats. There are two different treats, one for
dogs and one for cats.